The Colroy Retriever is fully guaranteed and makes a very thoughtful gift. Four sizes are available 28¼ / 31¼ / 33¼ / 36¼ inch (approx 72 / 79 / 84 / 92 cm). To determine your size, measure the distance from your wrist to the floor when standing fully upright and wearing normal shoes. If you are between sizes order the longer one. If buying as a gift we recommend that you measure the user's existing stick.

The Colroy Retriever is the latest product to be designed by the Martin family who combine inovation with running the families sheep farms on the north pennine hills of County Durham. The first product, an injection moulded shepherds crook, was launched in 1991 and is now sold all over the world through a leading supplier of animal handling products- Animalcare Group plc.

The idea of a combined walking stick and reacher was conceived when a conventional walking stick was customised to enable an elderly relative to pick up dropped objects from the ground even when she was out and about shopping, walking or days away. It proved to be a great success and when she and the prototype became inseperable it was decided to make the product available to all who experience similar difficulties in bending down to pick things up.


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