The Colroy Retriever is a strikingly stylish walking stick/cane which incorporates an ingenious, discrete and easy to use grabbing mechanism. Perfect for retrieving those smaller lightweight objects which drop to the ground many times during the day ie. pens, keys, coins, pills, gloves and spectacles. A real benefit to independent living, the Retriever is a genuinely unique product with no direct competitors in the market place as far as functionality goes. It allows those who have difficulty in stooping, due to arthritis, back pain, hip/knee replacements or other mobility or rehabilitation problems, the reassurance and independence of being able to pick up fallen objects themselves, especialy when out and about.

The Colroy Retriever is also fitted with a powerful magnet-handy for picking up pins and smaller metallic objects, even most keys. The Retrievers jaws are lined with soft touch fitted rubber. This enables delicate items such as spectacles to be retrieved without being damaged. The jaws are operated by a soft touch, rubber lined sliding thumb button. This is located along the side of the walking stick shaft, facilitating one handed ( left or right ) use. Being gently spring loaded and semi automatic, the Retriever can hold many lightweight objects in its jaws without needing any pressure on the trigger.

The Colroy Retriever is fully patented, has a CE mark and is registered with the medical & healthcare products regulatory agency, EC council directive 93/42/EEC.

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